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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where Have I Been Lately?

At the end of January 2013 the family and I moved back to Great Falls, MT (the big city). It was a sudden move based on an experience my husband had of getting spun around in a wheat stubble field during the middle of a snow storm. It was his final straw!! Also, the 45 miles each way to work and back 5 days a week was wearing on him. The original plan was to retire in Fort Benton, MT and that may not be over but for now we are where the family is happier. My 3 teenagers didn't like the small city/living on a farm life. I must say though that I am content with either setting. I do miss my sweet lady residents in personal care there and have been visiting once or twice a month still with them. Right after the move we also had a major virus invade the old computer and went for several months without one. So glad a cousin of Fred's gifted us a new one. We are ever so thankful. Fortunately, my old employer in Great Falls had a position open and they hired me back immediately. The position is for 24 hours a week and I am working on picking up an extra shift permanently to have 32 weekly. However, there have been tons of extra shifts due to medical leave and vacations so I have been working 60 hours weekly for the past 4 weeks -- a bit overwhelming for me and the kids. Another new thing I started is volunteering at the local senior center for 3 hours on Mondays and then 4 hours on Thursdays. One of the teenagers goes with me each time and it is good for them to interact with the seniors as well as get one on one time with mom. I will close with pictures of a lion Wynston just finished making by hand with clay and then painting. He did a wonderful job on it!! Wynston is soon to be 16 years old -- can't believe it! The other pictures are of projects I have been working on with the kids in the group home where I work. The beading is new for me and the 13 year old boy there, but we have made 2 medallion "bling" pieces for him thus far. The boys like working on needlework projects just as much as the girls do in the group home.