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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where did February Go?

Happy Leap Day!

I am in shock that February 2012 has flown by. My son also pointed out to me the other night that I am now NOT a blogger. I asked him why he said this and he replied, "Because I never see you typing furiously on the computer and telling me to be quiet while you think." He is 14 and full of wonderful insights.

I have been putting in 45 hour weeks in Personal Care. The 3 ladies in the wing are such precious characters. It is a delight to get them talking about their lives and "the way things were" in the past.

Just the other night I was talking to one of the ladies about a quilt I am working on that a person in Georgia has requested. It has been something for me to wrap my mind around -- a quilt for their casket. The person is in her 60's and has always wanted a tulip quilt and wants one for her casket. She says she is in good health but one never knows.

I am still working on adding the leaves as shown in the picture.

This lady in personal care told me that is not a strange request. She said that Blackfeet Indians used to place a star quilt on their caskets. She said it was a tradition. I had never heard of that before.

I know my foster mother used to tell me that she did not want flowers at her funeral, she wanted them while she was alive. So being the dutiful daughter wanting to please, I planted 100's of tulip bulbs along the walkway sidewalk out in the front yard. I got as much joy from them as she did.

Just talking of flowers has got me wanting Spring to hurry and come. I love the blooming and greenery.

So as to prove my son wrong, I am going to strive to take time to put my thoughts, sights, and experiences to the keys in March.