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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Native American Buffalo Art

Wynston snapped some photos at the local newspaper building on Saturday of our latest buffalo find around Great Falls, Montana. This one has a Native American feel. I love the faces on it and the artist is very talented. Hope you enjoy the photos taken of this buffalo.

Creative Expressions

I started snapping photos at the Farmer's Market and it got me to thinking. There are so many different ways to express one's self creatively. I am always picking up craft books and thinking of things I want to explore creatively and even include my kids in the projects. The next big project on my list is paper mache with finishing them by painting designs or possibly some mosaics. I have been saving up newspapers and have a pretty big stack to get started.

Hat Advertising and Recycling

Just thought I would drop a note about Lora Korenko here in Great Falls. She is whipping up some fun fashion these days by way of covering your head. My family enjoyed visiting with her this past Saturday at the Farmer's Market. This is a fun way to show what brand of brew or soda you prefer. I personally thought the Pink Lemonade had was the prettiest of all.

Ornament Stitching

I have been stitching for a few weeks on a panel of little cute birdies to make into ornaments to sell at a local Christmas show this year. Here are some I have put together.

I am planning on doing more ornaments with different miniature pictures on them and have started stitching those in just the past couple of days. There are three girls at a group home I have been working at that have asked me to stitch them a little something so you will be seeing it here shortly. I just have to keep my fingers busy while doing some overnight shifts at the group homes. The little projects also make me feel like I am getting something completed faster.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Where Did the Summer Go?

Our last Alive @ 5 took place last night. The music was good!!! It was a local disc jockey and the name of his band -- The Steve Keller Band. He played a good mixture of music and people were starting to dance in the street when we decided to head home and fix some dinner on the grill.

I thought I would throw in a few pictures of the local activities at one of these Alive @ 5 outings. This was my first summer attending and I think it is a new permanent thing to check out. I just have to remember to take me a soda along.

The local news station was also out asking people "Why they like coming to these events?" and "Where did the summer go?" I found that amusing as we have been having some of the hottest days this year just in the past several days.

Great Falls Buffalo Hunt

My son, Wynston, and I have decided we are going to venture around our town and take pictures of all the buffalo statues we find. On our excursion last night to the last Alive @ 5 music on Central Avenue, we stopped and took the following pictures of a couple within a few blocks of each other. I love the one with the horses painted on it.

I think we have about 4 more to go to picture, but Wynston is figuring higher. We will have to see.

Also, I got a smile put on my face the other day at the local grocery store (Van's IGA), when a lady with her son were on the same aisle my Wynston and I were. She told her son, "Come on Winston, let's go". I had to ask her his name and then look at my son. I told her our boys had the same name. She said, "It is not common and most people like it when they meet my son." I told her the same was true for us. (Hard to believe my WYNSTON is turning 13 soon. Where did the time go?)

Bouncing Baby Buggy

Recently I was in a local Salvation Army and came across this gorgeous antique baby carriage. I had to ask the manager, who was putting things in the silent auction cases, if I could take a picture of it. This bouncing baby buggy was also an item in the auction. It was so tempting to place a bid but I resisted. Even though I wanted it, I could not picture in my mind a place in my crowded house to put it. I do hope it went to a loving home that will cherish this beautiful classic.

Log Cabin Sewing

I purchased some quilt blocks from my good friend, Judith, through Ebay and have just recently sat at my sewing machine to put them together. They are so colorful!!!

Now, I am having to plan what fabrics to use as borders. I think I have the purple and green one worked out as of last night, but the pink and green one is a different story. It may be traveling with me to the fabric store this weekend.

Colorful Crafts

Thought I would show you some colorful crochet displays at the local Farmer's Market. Savannah had to have an item or two for her dollies. The doll missing a shawl and hat is the one she purchased from. This is her favorite booth and I take her a couple times in the summer to pick out something special.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unique Statue Art

Chris Miller's "Rainboffalo" is installed on the River's Edge Trail across from the Milwaukee Depot recently. The buffalo was given as a gift to the River's Edge Trail by Tina Schott and Peter Horst.

The fiberglass statue was created for "The Buffalo Hunt" auction to benefit the C.M. Russell Museum in 2005. Miller said his creation took between six and eight months to finish. The statue was bought, but wasn't displayed publically until now, Miller said.

Sturgis South Dakota

In my travels I got to go through Sturgis, South Dakota right when the 70th Anniversary of Sturgis Rally was taking place. Got to love the Mapquest directions. It took us about an hour to drive through this small town inundated with thousands of motorcycles and people dressed in leathers or at times not much at all. I couldn't get my camera to snap fast enough at times but ended up getting some really cool pictures. Motorcycles were seen coming and going through out our road trip starting out and then returning. The cyclist for the most part were very nice even at gas stations, but some were a little short tempered and road hogs literally with some attitude. I am glad we had spurts of rain where they got to cool off and we got to head down the road.