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Monday, December 24, 2012

Holidays and Sniffles

Pssss . . . It's snowing again. It is also 2 degrees outside currently. Ever felt like things were running smoothly -- no stress, no worries. Holidays just around the corner and then BAM! Out of no where a little tickle starts in the throat and then next thing you know you are laid out flat in bed for 5 days. That happened to me. Packages were not even sealed up to be mailed out. One more afternoon at the sewing machine needed to finish up a wall hanging headed to Kentucky to my brother and his new wife. Well things will be arriving late for some. Christmas cards unfinished will become New Year greetings. Am I sweating it -- NO. Not what the holidays are all about. Do I have my 3 kid's presents wrapped -- NO, but I know they will be happy and feel my love. Just so thrilled none of my family came down with my more than sniffles. Glad they are not saying these words anymore, "Mom you sure do look like a picture of health, NOT." -- Avery age 13.

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